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Project Description

Diosera Exhibition Stand Design

Project Name | Diosera Exhibition Stand Design
Location | Agios Dimitrios, Athens, Greece
Date | 2017
Size | Total Area: 15 sq.m
Project Status | Completed
Client | Diosera
Photography | Nikolaos Moschos

Engaging and attractive exhibition stand, is useful in grabbing the maximum attention of the visitors. It is one of the vital needs, that you are ready with the exhibition stand design, which will help in speeding the entire process. It is important to have the objective of your exhibition in mind too that assists in selecting the exhibition stand. Your stand design reflects the key message of your brand and effectively communicates the motto of your company.

Diosera demountable mobile structure manufactured exclusively in mild steel and osb wood board. Main goal for this project is to be easily assembled, disassembled and moved anywhere. The pure industrial style design and the warm colour of the boards in contrast with the black painted metal frame work helps diosera’s concrete products to emerge in expositions and in the store, as display units to the shopfront.

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