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Project Description

Etsi Apla Bar Restaurant

Project Name | Etsi Apla Bar-Restaurant
Location | Argyroupoli, Athens, Greece
Date | 2015
Size | Total Area: 197 sq.m
Project Status | Completed
Client | Private
Photography | Despoina Mavrea

In a new location and up-and-coming neighborhood, the restaurant “etsi apla” (meaning “as simple as that”) combines traditional elements with modern industrial touches, in a space that becomes one with the greenery and freshness of the neighboring park, at the subway station of Argyroupolis. “Etsi apla” is an alternative space where the simplicity of industrial design meets natural materials and earthy, neutral tints join simultaneously to create the desired viridity and vividness required by such a space. The industrial architecture is showcased by the use of industrial flooring and the visible steel air channels on the roof, while the inside/interior flows into the outside/exterior, and vice versa, in this way providing simplicity and harmony in the space. Central features of the restaurant are the impressive bar of forged cement which is an extension of the kitchen, the metallic hanging glasses display and the blackboard that all come to tie the space together, both functionally and aesthetically. Finally, warm traditional objects and compositions that decorate the walls and bar, along with the wall sconces and large pendant bulbs, give the space an imposing character and air of another era.

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