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Project Description

H195_Torre De La Nostalgia

Project Name | H195_Torre De La Nostalgia
Location | Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Date | 2019
Client | GQ-greentechconstruction
Project Status | Under Construction
Architectural Design | 314 Architecture Studio
Interior Design / Arch Visualization | NM Architects

This unique under construction A + Energy building consists of 5 floor-through apartments in total, offering a truly spectacular view to its inhabitants. Its dynamic sculptural architecture makes it distinct from other buildings in the area thus providing its residents with a unique futuristic design. The main frame will be mainly constructed with high-quality cement mortar and the basic material of the interior layout will be white marble Kalakata. The capacity of its floors ranges from 94 to 140 m². The entrance of the apartments leads the visitor to the open-plan of the living room and the kitchen, and then to the hidden space of the bedrooms. The interior layout consists of one master bedroom and two smaller ones per floor-through apartment. Each bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and a private bathroom. Also in all the apartments, there is a separate toilet to serve the guests in the kitchen and the living room. All the balcony doors have hidden windows that open completely, thus offering an unobstracted view of beautiful Glyfada in the living room of its residents. The first three floors are identical and typical, the fourth has a loft and the last has an attic with a private pool overlooking the enchanting Saronic sea.

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