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Project Description

KAZA Jewellery

Project Name | KAZA Jewellery
Location | Glyfada, Athens, Greece
Date | 2017
Size | Total Area: 54 sq.m
Project Status | Completed
In collaboration with | MIGG Enterprises
Contractor | Eco-logical
Client | Private
Photography | Nikolaos Moschos

KAZA is a boutique filled with fine Jewellery and Luxury items. Visiting KAZA, each customer can experience a very spiritual and harmonious space kept in a mild, soft and ambient mood. Holistic approach, timeless appearance and consistency in between interior and displayed products were always the key for the KAZA brand creator.
Throughout the store, soft warm grey tones are complemented by mirror polished stainless steel details, walnut wood shelves & joinery and a dark tiled floor. Feature mirrors, an imposing metal curtain and leather furnishings add to the overall sense of luxury. A carefully balanced and integrated lighting design – incorporating shopfront, shelves and ceilings – achieves optimum focus on key products as well as full visibility in store.

In the interior of the shop, large shelves made of walnut wood and metal exhibiting jewellery collections span the walls to the left and to the right to ensure the intricate pieces are displayed to their full extent. The organic form of the display, made from walnut wood and mirror polished stainless steel is the central focus of the store from the outside. Heights of showcases and pendant lights were carefully chosen to allow a clear view from the entrance to the back.
For NM Architects each collaboration with Migg Enterprises is a deep process of searching for right spatial relations, proper material pallets, unique details and production solutions. Working with concrete, reclaimed wood, and steel can be a challenge mainly when the scale of the project is small, as well as with finding the right craftsmen.

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