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Project Description

Koridallos Apartment Renovation

Project Name | Koridallos Apartment Renovation
Location | Koridallos, Athens, Greece
Date | 2018
Size | Total Area: 101 sq.m
Project Status | Construction
Client | Private

Our new project has to do with the complete renovation of a 101 m² apartment in Koridallos area, in Athens Greece. The main goal of the renovation is about forming a single living and kitchen area, a modern open space layout. An area that in the existing old-style layout, was hard to create, mainly for capacity reasons, owner’s needs and for technical reasons.

The renovation is intended to meet the needs of a young couple with the prospect of a future family. Two spacious bedrooms are provided. One master bedroom for the pair, with internal dressing room and a children’s bedroom, which will be used as a hostel for the time being. Several storage spaces have been also provided in different parts of the house, due to the removal of the storage space above the bathroom. In order to exploit each square meter in the house, we introduced small but innovative constructions, emphasizing on details that will make the different in everyday use.

The interior of the apartment, regarding the design, tends to be Mid-Century modern style. In order to achieve this we used rustic wood accents, natural concrete surfaces and customized furniture’s with different shapes & materials. Main characteristics of this interior design are the simple forms, the emphasis on function and its democratic character, in other words, designed for everybody.

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Concept design – Stage 1

Concept design

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