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Project Description

Villa Azure Mykonos

Project Name | Villa Azure Mykonos
Location | Super Paradise, Mykonos, Greece
Date | 2010
Size | Site Area: 3476 sq.m | Total Gross Built Area: 436 sq.m
Project Status | Completed
In collaboration with | MIGG Enterprises
Client | Pedro Lampropoulos

“A special atmosphere”

The residence in Mykonos, overlooking the beach of super paradise, was designed and built with the aim of creating a modern construction with an emphasis on the feeling of luxury. Special attention was paid to the location of the house on the site plot, as the natural stone formations that were used in parallel to protect the house from the northern winds had to be maintained. So the residence turned south, overlooking the sea, having the ideal orientation in relation to the sun, for the summer and the winter.
Various goals were set that could uniquely reflect the owner’s lifestyle, since it was considered that the usual interpretation of the style of Mykonos life would be too restrictive for the atmosphere they wished to have in their environment. Large openings were created in all areas to maximize the view. On the ground floor was the living room and a modern kitchen that combines the preparation of the food with the fun, thanks to the large elongated counter of the bar, which creates a functional and charming space for cooking and meeting.
The floor includes the bedrooms, with their own bathroom and terrace overlooking the sea and the adjacent gorge. The colors chosen are in gray – beige tones to match the Mykonian landscape stone. The lighting fixtures and furniture are made from all over the world but mainly from South Africa and combine natural wood with crystal.

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