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Project Description

Plaka Penthouse Apartment

Project Name | Plaka Penthouse Apartment
Location | Plaka, Athens, Greece
Date | 2018
Size | Total Area: 70 sq.m
Project Status | Construction
Client | Private

This architectural study concerns the general reconstruction of an old penthouse apartment and the design of its outdoor terrace. The existing apartment, is located on the 7th floor of a building in Plaka. It consists of an interior single space of kitchen, bedroom and the wc, in the total of 30 sq.m and the outdoor terrace of other 40 sq.m.

The design has as a starting point the reference to the Cycladic architecture and at the same time it fulfils the functional needs of a modern accommodation for a young couple.

We initially propose a new interior layout of the premises. On the facades of the buildings, apart from replacing the old window and door frames with new, made of aluminium painted, we propose repairing the external walls and the replacement of the existing metal structure roof. For the new roof structure we will build a reinforced concrete slab roof and in the meantime, thermal insulation system will be used for the facades. Regarding the outdoor terrace, the existing metal balustrade will be replaced with a glazing new one. Furthermore three new timber structure pergolas will be introduced to create shadow for built-in seating area and the Jacuzzi. With regard to the kitchen, a built-in outdoor counter will be introduced to the layout, in order to cover the limited use of the kitchen, especially for the summer time. The central point of reference is the Jacuzzi, which is situated on the terrace and the materials used are white plaster, cement and wood.
Regarding the interior design, the proposed space have references to the Cycladic architecture which is conveyed in simple lines. The walls are rough white stucco and the floors light grey cement. Another important material in the composition is wood, in natural colour or painted white. Most furniture are built and covered in white stucco as it is a technique commonplace in Cycladic houses.

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